Haltian designs & develops new connected products
to customers who demand exceptional quality

We turn your vision into connected products

Haltian offers product and service design, from idea definition into innovative solutions.

Quality is what makes us different

We place the focus on craftsmanship to make sure the products we create will stand the test of time.

We are trained to work global

Our team members have already delivered a number of products globally to high consumer satisfaction.

Our focus is in the New

Our experienced team and its processes generate the highest quality of connected concepts with less trial and error

Over 900 years of experience

Haltian is a start-up with over 900 years of industry experience combined. The company started out with a group of experts from Nokia’s top product development team, designing fresh and original products and implementing novel and more efficient ways of working.

After seeing a market demand for the type of team we already had, and having gone through one of Nokia's recent strategy sharpening rounds, we founded Haltian in September 2012.

All in one

Connected products made by Haltian are built to excel in the true test of the end users.

We combine our expertise from various fields to pave the way for new products. Our hardware and software teams work together under one roof with project and product management to enable an agile product development process.

This is the way for experienced people to work efficiently towards a shared goal.

Uniquely transparent

Haltian is known for its team's ability to innovate and deliver. What is more, we build our operations on transparency and keeping the promises we make.

We want to make sure our customers stay in the know and we work closely with them to ensure the right product development direction at all times.

We design new hardware to stand the test of time & users

Premium quality hardware enables better product experience and is critical for the successful launch of any new business

Efficient hardware design and development

We have a highly experienced team of experts in Mechanics, Baseband, User Interface, Hardware, Radio Frequency and Printed Wired Board, and they are capable of defining and developing practically any kind of device.

We make use of the best working methods, our extensive experience and curiosity to specify and design the innovations of the future. State-of-the-art tools, simulations and agile methods are just some of our means to develop new and innovative solutions with fast pace and high quality.

Our team will make sure that the product will not only comply with customer, operator and authority requirements, but also be a delight to use.

New product creation on all fronts

Haltian has strong experience in mechanical design in product development, from concept work, modeling, tolerance analyses and testing, all the way up to mass manufacturing. We know our way around plastics, polymer engineering technologies and automation engineering.

Haltian also has extensive HW development experience in diverse wireless products, especially around BBHW, UIHW, sensor technologies, audio/acoustics, EMC/ESD, PWB, flex, thermal design and touch displays.

Our RF experience covers LTE, WiMAX, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, GSM, TETRA, WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS/GNSS and Mobile TV (CMMB, ISDB-T) systems.

A Visionary partner

The combination of creativity, knowledge of business and market, and technological expertise makes our approach to building new products stand out.

Haltian works seamlessly with the world’s leading creative consultancies to make sure each new product is fresh and desirable for the users.

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We code delightful product experiences

Highly optimized software for new connected products

Ingenious software design and development

We have great talent developing high quality code to all SW layers, from base layer, middleware, application layers and service backend, all the way up to a beautiful user experience. Our world-class SW architects can define the highest-performing solutions, which our code wizards then implement.

We have hands-on work experience from all major HW and SW platforms, with specialized skills in Linux-based platforms. Necessary software tools development, for example to HW verification and production testing, is part and parcel of our daily work. Application development and cloud services are also a part of our professional competence.


Haltian has extensive knowledge of device SW creation, from prototyping to productization, including tasks like board bring-up, peripheral integration, boot loader, in-device security, firmware development, DSP development, cellular integration, as well as hardware verification and testing.

We are capable of building fully automated test-automation systems starting from the most difficult HW peripherals up to extensive cloud services. We customize application frameworks. We develop applications, web APIs (RPC, XML, JSON, MQTT, RESP) and full web services (PHP, MySQL, nosql, angularjs, nodejs, JavaEE, HTML5, CSS3). Web and cloud service innovation is also a natural part of our SW service offerings.

We have world-class developers for RTOS and embedded C on ARM and microcontrollers, but we also master object-oriented software development and architectures using C++, C#, Qt/QML and Java. Our software team consists of handpicked visionary engineers who are able to solve even the most difficult software development challenges.

We architect and develop modern web services

Cloud services with Big Data + A frontend that´ll do the job

Cloud computing is vital for any experience involving big amounts of data. Everyday devices and sensors are becoming increasingly connected, and the increased data processing it demands will be done with cloud services.

Almost anything has the capacity to become smart. In the future, people can wear unnoticeable devices that constantly monitor their health, drive smart cars and have their daily life enhanced by intelligent and interconnected city ecosystems. Haltian embraces the change and is also able to rise up to its challenge.

We can help our customers improve their retention rates

We work with highly demanding products that are built to enable a successful and sustainable new business

Fine-tuned processes

Haltian has expertise in product definition, planning and concepting from early vision into functional prototypes. We master software from base layer up and hardware from a beautiful exterior to high performance electronics.

Our work is efficient, uncompromised, no nonsense and straight to the point.

We operate transparently with our global customer base. Our HW and SW teams, working together in close co-operation, guarantee high quality and performance. Co-development helps maximize SW performance, and in close collaboration our engineers can promptly and efficiently handle tasks such as performance optimization of graphics stack, system power management or touch screen tuning.

State-of-the-art tools, simulations and agile methods allow us to develop new and innovative solutions in short time and with high quality.

We are an extremely well networked, reliable and highly experienced team, operating globally with efficient processes, fast time-to-market, and fluent communications and transparency.

We maximize the potential of your ideas

Our values support the creation of disruptive products. We:

  • co-operate honestly, efficiently and reliably with our partners
  • strive to stay on top of the technical leadership
  • support a visionary and creative mindset
  • attract and appreciate the best talent

A team of visionaries that is built to deliver

Great people make great products

When we founded Haltian we acknowledged that the only way for us to really succeed in the design services business was to get the best people to join our team. It´s the people who design the products, and when you hire the best professionals it’s likely that more talent will follow.

Haltian has been able to attract world-class talent in mobile product design and development. Our team members have an average of 15 years of wireless industry experience. We have developed devices for the mass market and also more specialized products with smaller manufacturing volumes. Our experts have worked in over 50 completed product programs, which in turn have resulted in hundreds of millions in sales volumes.

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People are our strongest asset

At Haltian we firmly believe that talent correlates with results, and that experience gives rise to efficiency.

We invest greatly in the wellbeing and professional growth of our employees and give them the tools and the environment that help them excel in their work. We believe that happy talent makes better decisions. That is why we strive to be the best possible workplace.

At Haltian, we believe in diversity. When experience and young potential are put together the end result can be much more than just the sum of its parts.

We are hiring!

Haltian is on a growth path and we are constantly looking for top talent in mobile product creation to join our team.

We are seeking results-driven professionals who have the ability to create beautiful and ingenious design, people with solid team working skills and a drive to get things done.

We offer the opportunity to design and create products for some of the top companies in the world, the potential to reach millions of consumers, and a chance to work for a company that is built on the wellbeing of its employees.

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We network and collaborate to ensure the best possible service, from early concept work to after market management

We focus on being the best team in concept phase design & engineering

We are here to stay

Financial stability & ownership

Haltian is fully owned by its founders and employees.

We are already a profitable business and our next step is to make Haltian a household name in the Engineering & Design services market.

A Growth Story

Haltian, founded in September 2012, started out as a startup of five people, soon becoming a profitable company that currently employs more than 65 people and still continues its reliable growth.

With a valuable access to the excellent competence in the Oulu region, we have been able to grow our team with one top professional after another. We already have the first Fortune Global 500 customer projects running and the next ones are being planned.

Global operations & future proofing

Haltian is building its future on many markets. Currently our focus is mainly on the US and Central Europe but we also continue to seek new collaborations globally.

To invest in our future, we have set up Haltian Visionary Labs where our vision and expertise help create the innovations of tomorrow. We are constantly studying new market opportunities to stay ahead of the curve. Right now we have our eyes on the internet-of-things, M2M communications and new cloud-based product experiences. We also keep up with different technologies, product categories and platforms in order to be ready for future customers and projects.

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